Cardano Stake Pool

Our stake pool supports decentralization and helps our community through a one-of-kind charity mission. We are commited to operate a single pool.

ANKER offers the highest standards in pool operations.

Aiming for maximum performance and optimum stability, as a part of the Cardano Network, we invest in our infrastructure and resources to achieve the best for our delegators.

Professional Team

Operated by experienced Security and Systems Engineers, our pool backend is a state of art utilizing the latest technology and best practices.

Mission Driven

Commited to give back to our community to help the world become a better place for everyone. A little help that goes a long way.

Great Rewards

Even though we are still a small pool we compensate our early delegators with 5% until our pool starts to mint blocks.

24/7 Monitoring & Support

Our pool is monitored around the clock over two separate time zones which guarantees a quicker response to issue and a low downtime.

ANKER is more than just a pool

We play an important role in the Cardano community by building and providing great tools for both Delegators and Stake Pool Operators. Stay tuned for our ADAStellar a website to connect delegators to stake pool operators.

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Frequently asked questions

Answers to most common questions.

Is there a risk in delegation?

The funds never leave your wallet in the delegation process. You continue to control your funds in your wallet.

What is needed to delegate to your pool?

You can delegate to our Anker Pool through the official Daedalus or Yoroi wallet on the delegation tab. Search ANKER in delegate tab and choose delegate.

When will I receive my rewards?

When you delegate in an epoch, your stake must go to the snapshot in the next epoch and gets actived after another epoch, one epoch later the results will be evaluated and you will receive your rewards by the end of it. The whole process takes 15-20 days.

How do I monitor my rewards?

Use the pooltool mobile app and add your address in the Rewards tab. Soon we will facilitate monitoring through our website.

Why are the rewards are different for each epoch?

For each epoch, as a result of the lottery and the active stake, the pool receives a certain number of blocks for production. This number of blocks in different epoch can vary greatly.

How can I contact you?

Use our contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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News from Anker.

What's new at Anker.

Blog 1
Working on

Jul 12, 2021

ADAStellar is a tool to help delegators connect with stack pool operators and decide which pools to delegate too based on their preference. Learn more...

Blog 2
We have finally announced our charity mission

Jul 19, 2021

We have decided to do something a little different in our charity mission. Check out full details in this article...

Blog 3
Alonzo White is finally here

Jul 15, 2021

IOHK has finally announced forking the Alonzo testnet to the new Alonzo White node. We are so excited to it making blocks. Learn more...

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